DNA Research #DNA Free Webinar, Thursday 8/28: Understanding FTDNA Results in the Context of Ashkenazi Ancestry #dna


Understanding FTDNA Results in the Context of Ashkenazi Ancestry

Thursday, August 28, 2014
12pm Central (5pm UTC)

Free Registration: http://bit.ly/AshkenaziDNALive

Genealogists researching Ashkenazi ancestry often find a variety of
challenges in our traditional research: young surnames, changed
surnames, cousin marriages, short paper trails and more. These same
situations can make understanding and analyzing our genetic genealogy
results and matches challenging as well. This presentation will
discuss how these situations affect our genetic genealogy results, how
to understand our results in light of these situations, and some best
practices for getting around these challenges to make the most of our
genetic genealogy experience.

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Elise Friedman

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