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Israel P

It would be way too much of a jumble to try to sort out specifics
of Ashkenaic ancestry at that distance.

It is pretty safe to say that anyone who claims to be able to do
this will end up providing much false information. (Not that there
isn't a market for false information...)

Israel Pickholtz
blogging weekly at http://allmyforeparents.blogspot.com

Under "MyOrigins" I am identified by FTDNA as "100% Ashkenazi
Diaspora". I am not surprised, but I want more. I want to know to
what extent my (and my matches') Ashkenazi atDNA indicates SE
European, or NE European, or W European ancestry. >from previous
investigations using GedMatch I had discerned such patterns, but my
methodology was crude.

I doubt whether FTDNA would tackle such a task soon. However, some
"citizen scientists" might want to do this. The main impediment is
FTDNA's legitimate need to keep certain company information
confidential. The methodology described in
odology/ is appropriate for deep genetic research. I, however, as a
genealogist, am interested in fuzzier sub-populations that have
emerged within the Ashkenazi population in the past five centuries.

Itzhak Epstein New York, NY

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