DNA Research #DNA Connection to Nobel Prize winner Dr. Paul EHRLICH? #dna

Scott Ehrlich <scott@...>

As an EHRLICH (my father's paternal side), with my dad's father
(originally >from Stanislov, Lviv, Ukraine), having also been a medical
doctor >from their hometown, who passed the medical boards here in the
US after the family arrived, actively followed Nobel Prize winning Dr.

Yes, there is a great distance between where Paul's family is >from and
mine, but it is not impractical for a biologically-connected relative
to have lived there as well.

Does anyone know if any biological family member of his has tested?
If not, what is the best way to reach out to them to try and get
someone to test? Having conducted a Y-DNA test myself via Family Tree
DNA, I'd love to find a way to get a living male EHRLICH >from his
family (3rd cousin, doesn't matter, so long as the Ehrlich line
remains intact to a common ancestor) to test.

Ancestry no longer does Y DNA, and while 23andme does, it would not
help me isolate the result to my paternal line, where FTDNA would, and
23andme permits anonymous testers - I may never know who they are.

Thanks for leads and ideas.

Scott EHRLICH, Winchester, MA, USA
Email: srehrlich@...

Searching: EHRLICH/KESSLER - Stanislov, Lviv, Ukraine; SHERMAN/FELTMAN
- Zaslav, Russia; COHEN/GAUZE/SILVERMAN/WOLKOWISKY - Panashishki,
Lithuania; NEWMAN/MEISTER - Vilna, Russia

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