DNA Research #DNA JewishGen Offers new Class: Independent Study Aug 1-Aug 30 2015 #dna

Nancy Holden

Ever dream of a genealogical search companion? JewishGen is
offering an Independent Study class. Your topic, your schedule,
your questions.

Nancy Holden will be available for projects centered on research
in the United States or Country of Origin. You may choose to work
on any kind of project (wherever you are in your research) >from
organizing your data to preparing to publish. This class is taught
using a private Forum with one-on-one instruction via our internet
Forum open every day 24/7.

In order to qualify for this class we ask that you submit a
paragraph application. (Application is on the Education page:
This will be a Do-it-Yourself, computer-based, online seminar.
Individual readings will be posted according to your research needs.

Course Description: http://www.jewishgen.org/education

Enrollment is limited (10 students).
Please send your qualifying paragraph to Nancy Holden any time after
July 15, 2015 for consideration.

Students will be notified of enrollment procedures by email.
Tuition: $150 to be paid after acceptance to the class

Nancy Holden

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