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Ann Rabinowitz

A friend told me that she was adopted by Jewish parents and did not
know who her birth parents were. As a result, she decided to take a
DNA test with Ancestry.com. The results >from her test give her an
ethnicity estimate as follows: Ireland, 45%, Euro West, 21%, Iberian
Peninsula, 12%, Italy/Greece, 7%, and West Asia 9%. Nothing about
Jewish ethnicity at all which seems to confirm that she was adopted
and her birth parents were non-Jews.

In addition to her test, her daughter decided to take a DNA test as
well. However, her daughter's ethnicity estimate results were
European Jew, 35%, Ireland, 22%, Iberian Peninsula, 11%, Euro West,
6%, UK, 5% and West Asia, 16%.

Can someone tell me how Ancestry.com comes up with their results for
women. How could Helene have no Jewish DNA and her daughter have it???
Does Ancestry.com have a means of providing paternal ethnicity as
Renee's father was Jewish????


Ann Rabinowitz

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