DNA Research #DNA Re: "Ethnicity" breakdown in ancestry.com DNA analysis #dna

Harvey Kabaker

The daughter inherited half her DNA >from her father and half >from her

The ancestry analysis looks at autosomal, or non-sex-based DNA, so the
ethnicity estimate, for what it's worth, describes the daughter's
heritage >from both parents.

If the father were to be tested, he probably would show at least 70%
"European Jew." However, it's a throw of the dice as to which 50% of a
given parent's DNA is inherited. So, for example, the mother is
reportedly 45% Irish; the daughter, 22%. However, Iberian Peninsula are
12% and 11%, respectively. That does not necessarily mean the father is
almost 20% Iberian.

You should take ethnicity estimates >from DNA with a grain of salt.
Though the results derive >from statistical analysis, some of the
underlying assumptions are based heritage reported by those who were
tested in addition to their DNA structure. There is no "Ashkenazi
Jewish" gene, for example.

Harvey Kabaker
Silver Spring, MD

On 5/31/16 Ann Rabinowitz wrote:
A friend told me that she was adopted by Jewish parents and did not
know who her birth parents were. As a result, she decided to take a
DNA test with Ancestry.com. The results >from her test give her an
ethnicity estimate as follows: Ireland, 45%, Euro West, 21%, Iberian
Peninsula, 12%, Italy/Greece, 7%, and West Asia 9%. Nothing about
Jewish ethnicity at all which seems to confirm that she was adopted
and her birth parents were non-Jews.

In addition to her test, her daughter decided to take a DNA test as
well. However, her daughter's ethnicity estimate results were
European Jew, 35%, Ireland, 22%, Iberian Peninsula, 11%, Euro West,
6%, UK, 5% and West Asia, 16%.

Can someone tell me how Ancestry.com comes up with their results for
women. How could Helene have no Jewish DNA and her daughter have it???
Does Ancestry.com have a means of providing paternal ethnicity as
Renee's father was Jewish????

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