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Those kinds of shared numbers would indicate a parent/child
relationship with you, not siblingship. Or an identical twin,
which is clearly impossible. Otherwise, it looks like a lab error.

Steve Adelson

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From: "Arnold Chamove arnoldchamove@ynnovate.co.nz"
Sent: Tuesday, June 21, 2016 7:41:35 PM

I recently found a very close autosomal DNA match with me on FamilyTreeDNA.
This person is a closer match to me than I am to my sister, and he is a
closer match to my sister than she is to me. We were born early 1940 in
San Francisco, California and he was born in Maine 45 years later. His
ancestry says 3% Jewish, 50% British, and 33% French/German; while my
sister and mine are reported as 95% Jewish (which is reasonable). My sister
and I share 2516 centimorgans (cM) while this man shares about 3384 cM and
similar with both me and my sister.
I assume such a close relationship can only if he and I share the
same parents--both parents. But we do not. Both my parents were dead when
he was born. This man is clear who his mother is. My sister and I look a
lot like our parents and not a lot like this man.
Is there explanation other than that the three of us share the same

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