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Israel P

I think what you want is Kathy Johnston's Visual Phasing.


Blaine Bettinger discussed this at the GRIP course in July.

Israel Pickholtz

On 13 Aug 2016 at 0:04, DNA Testing digest wrote:

For purposes of genetic genealogy it would be wonderful to have DNA
from my great-grandparents up on FTDNA or Ancestry. As they died a
long time ago, this is seemingly a fantasy. However, it seems to me
that technology could be developed to obtain a good approximation of
my great-grandparents' autosomal DNA based on the autosomal DNA of
their surviving grandchildren. Specifically it seems to me if one
were able to get test results >from a number of their grandchildren,
one could then find which sections of DNA are common between
grandchildren >from different siblings. As the different grandchildren
combinations likely would have different areas of overlap, by
combining the areas of overlap across the sets of grandchildren, one
could obtain a large number of sections of overlap for autosomal DNA
which would very likely be >from their grandparents. Admittedly one
would not know which autosomal DNA section came >from which
grandparent, but this could even be refined by looking at DNA results
of descendants of each grandparents' siblings. In addition genetic
relationships between in-laws and others in the tree could be an
issue, but with additional research this problem could be minimized as

Are there any tools that do something like this yet? If not, is
anybody working on developing technology like this?

Seth Bittker

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