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Marion Werle

I, too, have heard good things about GRIP (as well as SLIG), but don't
overlook other, more local worthwhile DNA education opportunities. I
live in Southern California, and every year as part of the Southern
California Genealogical Society's Jamboree (held at the beginning of
June), they have an optional DNA Day with world-class speakers. I
attended DNA Day for the first time this year, and I learned a lot. I
also paid extra for a 3-hour workshop with Blaine Bettinger the
following day on "Third Party DNA Tools", and it was by far the best
workshop I have ever attended on any subject, and I've attended lots
of workshops, genealogical and otherwise, over the years.

So even if you don't have a chance to attend one of the more widely
recognized week-long institutes, there may be DNA presentations in
your own backyard. And don't forget webinars - I noticed that Legacy
Family Tree has a new 5-part series called "Foundations in DNA" by
Blaine Bettinger. I haven't watched them yet, but he's a great
presenter and very knowledgable, and I know there are lots of other
webinars on the subject.

Marion Werle

I learned more than a few things here.

Israel Pickholtz

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