DNA Research #DNA Looking for someone to test for the Y-DNA? #dna

Arline and Sidney Sachs

I wrote a computer program to list everyone past or present that belongs
to my haplogroup. This will work for any haplogroup. It can also be used
for someone looking for a relative to test. I use are our members GEDCOM
files to accomplish this. Beginning with the known member, the program
follows the paternal line back as far as it can go to the earliest person
and then finds all males lines descended >from him. The output may be
useful for someone who is having trouble finding a person to test since
that person may be a direct cousin. I am willing to run the program with
your GEDCOM file. The only other information I will need is the id number
of the person whose haplogroup you want to find. I will return a tree to
you before I destroying the copy of your GEDCOM file.

Sidney Sachs

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