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The results may be informative, but not necessarily definitive.

For instance, unknown to me at the time, 2 of my half-6th cousins tested.
Both matched my father and overlapped on at least one chromosomal segment
with him (they were >from a paternal branch, so that made sense). The
results were less conclusive based just on me. Fortunately, I had a very
good paper genealogy with ancestors of both of them on it (and clearly
connecting to me as half 6th cousins).

So, though the test might show distant connections, they might not, and
even if they did, you'd still need paper genealogy to back it up
As well as more testing to help you delineate precisely how they relate
(that is, to see whether dna actually shows the relationship you expect
from paperwork).
As for the other question: a half cousin will share half the dna expected
from a full cousin of whatever level you are looking at. 3rd cousins
share great great grandparents, so, you'd be talking about 3.1% shared
dna instead of 6.3%. The test is designed to resolve that kind of
difference, but I can't tell you how often its successful in really doing

Steve Bloom
Central Virginia

Here is my dilemma and hypothesis to resolve:

There are VOLPERTs who are clearly related to Hinde VOLPERT who have had
their autosomal tested. However, even if the two Hindes are the same
person, then they would be only 6th cousins to my wife.

My wife has just taken the autosomal test on FT DNA. Given the endogamous
nature of the Jewish population in this region of Lithuania, what are the
chances that the results will be conclusive? I am looking for closer
VOLPERT candidates, but right now I just have these potential 6th cousins.
How close cousins do they need to be known as to raise the confidence in
the test results to an acceptable level?

Other potentially relevant info: the tree I have on the LUBINSKY side,
also >from Kedainiai, is extensive but not exhaustive. Another branch of
my wife's family is >from Seduva. And there are descendants of Binyamin
alive who have not been tested, but I assume that the difference between
full third-cousin and half-third cousin would be indistinguishable, since
they also definitely share the LUBINSKY DNA, so they are not test

Steve Stein
Highland Park, NJ USA

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