DNA Research #DNA Re: DNA testing in France #dna

Beth Long

When testing people in Hungary and Romania (using FTDNA), I have the
kit mailed to me, then I mail it to the subject myself. I "re-package"
it, enclosing a return envelope (addressed to me). When I receive the
kit, I then mail it to FTDNA. This also allows me to fill out the form
for them (most of them do not speak English). If they would like you to
manage the kit for them, you can add your e-mail address on the top
line, with theirs below it. This will make you the "primary" e-mail,
which lets you recover a lost password, etc.

Beth Long
Reno, Nevada


All the DNA testing for my family (all Jewish) in the US was done
through FTDNA.
I would like to test two people who married into my family and live in
Paris. They are not Jewish, but think they have Jewish ancestors.
Which company would you suggest and are there any problems sending kits
to Paris? Or perhaps there are other DNA companies or affiliates?

All the best,
Roberta Berman

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