DNA Research #DNA Just got results with only one match, what do I do next? #dna

Barry Broude <broudeb@...>

I got Family Finder results >from Familytreedna a week ago with over
12,000 matches of 20 centimorgans or more. When I limit the list to at
least 100 CM I have 1,850 matches.

I am a beginner and I want to know what to do when many people don't have
trees, or they are private? Even the people with trees don't give towns,
just countries. I can't find any matching surnames.

I have exactly one match, a first cousin twice removed. When I put my raw
data into gedmatch I get exactly one match, another first cousin twice
removed. That's it, I know their families.

No matching surnames or towns. So what do I do know, just wait or what?

Many thanks.

Barry Broude
BROUDE, ENGAL, SUGARMAN Kelme, Lithuania, Minneapolis, MN and
Philadelphia or New York
KAPLAN/COHEN Suwalki, Lithuania, Minneapolis
Gryzmalow, Ukraine
GRABINA/GREENBERG, BURSTEIN, Wyszkow, Poland, Minneapolis

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