DNA Research #DNA Survey to understand endogamy's impact on shared DNA #dna

Lara Diamond

Endogamy significantly impacts shared DNA in Ashkenazi Jews. I'd like
to gather data to show how much DNA known Ashkenazi relatives share
with one another to help others know the range of shared DNA that can
be expected. Results will be posted to benefit the general public.

Please read and fill out this survey for all pairs of known Ashkenazi
relatives you've tested. The more data we get, the better we'll be
able to understand endogamy's impact on Ashkenazic DNA.

(Stay tuned; I'll be collecting information >from those with Sephardi,
Mizrachi and other Jewish ancestries in the future.)

Information about this survey can be found here:
[or https://tinyurl.com/ydc3pyqn --Mod.]

Lara Diamond
Baltimore, MD

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