DNA Research #DNA From Majorca to Brest-Litovsk in 434 years #dna

Roberta Berman <rbrta@...>

Family knowledge and FTDNA Family Finder matches on my gr-grandfather's
(Yitzhak Opinheim) line hit a brick wall in Brest-Litovsk, Belarus about
1825. YDNA matches and FTDNA's Iberian Ashkenaz project place his direct
ancestor (name unknown) in Majorca in 1391. I have since added him to
the FTDNA Xueta DNA project.

There are Family Finder matches between descendants (myself, siblings
and 3 cousins) of Yitzhak Opinheim and a descendant of a Xueta family
that lived in Majorca in 1391. This descendant has not responded to
multiple emails about the match.

What to do? How and where do I look for a 434 years missing link?
All suggestions - researchwise and DNAwise - will be appreciated.

Roberta Berman
Western U.S.

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