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I have just discovered that I  am at least part Jewish. I never knew and
the surprise is still settling in. It began with a DNA test that found I
was ten percent Ashkenazi Jew. That's not much, but it is a total surprise
and a very happy discovery.

I uploaded my DNA results to Ged Match and the overwhelming amount of 3rd,
4th, 5th cousins located in the New York Metropolitan area- with a large
dash of rabbis in the mix.

This led me to seeking out the history of my great grandparents, but almost
nothing is known of them. Great grandfather was a Bartz >from Russia whose
land was taken during the Deportation of Germans circa 1914. His wife,
Annie (Anna?) Luks came >from Poland. Other than that, there seems no way to
trace them further back. We have no names of their fathers or mothers, nor
even the villages they came from.

However, through the DNA comparisons on GedMatch, I may be able to find
closer matches, and they may know more.  This has been such a proud moment
for our entire family.  And very surprising.

Is there a DNA data base specifically for Jewish searches?  
Hello everyone... nice to meet you here!
Suzanne Olsson
Jacksonville, Florida

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