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David Goldman

Hello fellow Jewishgenners. I am totally new to the issue of the DNA testing
(and just read some article online about who can get access to DNA
information >from genealogy research). I got my matches, and have contacted a
number of people who also did the Ancestry test. Only a couple have so far
replied, but one of them was classified as an "extremely high match" and I
saw the closeness based on having 204 centimorgans over 8 segments. Well, we
corresponded, and she told me that her mother's side was >from England/Wales,
and her father (who was adopted) had origins supposedly in the Balkans. The
only thing we had in common was that she lived in Alberta and I was born
there myself.
Can someone shed some light on this fog? How can this demonstrate an
"extremely high" likelihood of being 2nd-3rd cousins when there were no
common geographic origins at all?
David Goldman

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