DNA Research #DNA Re: X matches to cousins #dna

Sarah L Meyer

Sandy, if your male cousin is related to you on *his* mother's side, you
might match. If however he is related to you on his father's side, it would
be very unlikely that you would have an X match. Every woman gets an X from
each of her parents, but a man gets his X >from his mother, he gets a Y from
his father. There are several Facebook groups with nice charts on the
inheritance of the X. One is DNA Your Jewish Journey.

Sarah Christiansen
Georgetown TX

From: Sandy Crystall <rosapalustris@...>
Date: Tue, 22 May 2018 23:13:09 -0400

I am confused about X-matches in autosomal DNA (tested with FTDNA/Family
Finder). I have three first cousins (siblings) >from the same family. The
two female cousins are X-matches to me, but the one male cousin (third
sibling) is not an X-match. Shouldn't they all be X-matches?

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