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David Goldman

Hello everybody.
Although my paternal ancestral name in Ukraine was KRASINSKY I have been
unable to find any other Jews other than descendants of my great-grandfather
and his brothers who have or had the name Krasinsky back in Ukraine or even
a name very close to Krasinsky (other than names such as Korsunsky). There
are names I have come across even more unusual than Krasinsky, so this
situation is probably not an anomaly. Anyway, this has led me to wonder
whether in fact the name had previously been something other than Krasinsky,
although I realize that many Ashkenazi Jews didn't have last names before
the 19th century (many of course did, such as my maternal ancestral name of

Now that I have done the FTDNA test and plugged into the WIRTH project, I
have been informed that my paternal line goes back to one Rabbi Yaakov son
of Yehuda WEIL in the 15th century. Now of course there are people even
today who still carry the name Weil. But I am wondering whether the name
KRASINSKY had in fact been adopted at some point in the 18th or 19th century
by possibly a single man called Weil.

Of course I assume there are many reasons why people were changing names
along the line long before reaching Ellis Island, even among those who *did*
have last names prior to the 19th century. Of course I am simply
hypothesizing, and have no evidence for any of this in relation to the names
Weil and Krasinsky.
I'd enjoy reading anything others may have to add to this enigma and whether
in fact I may be on to something.

David Goldman

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