DNA Research #DNA RE: Paternal and Maternal designations within Family Finder (FTDNA) #dna

Sarah L Meyer

1. Paternal and Maternal designations within Family Finder (FTDNA)
First you need to have your family tree on FTDNA. Then you have look at
your known DNA matches and drag the DNA match to the appropriate person on
the tree. You have to either uncheck the send an email - or leave it checked
and finally there is a button at the very bottom of the screen that says
Confirm or Cancel. You need to click on confirm. Once you have a
sufficient number of relatives with the DNA matching on the tree, then FTDNA
will split your results. Be aware that there will still be people where
there is insufficient evidence to assign them to a side - or people other
than siblings and children, that will get assigned to both sides.
Sarah Christiansen
Georgetown TX

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