DNA Research #DNA Ethnicity analysis discrepancy #dna

Arlene Beare

I would appreciate your opinion. I manage 9 accounts on FTDNA and uploaded
the raw data to MyHeritage. One of the uploads revealed a completely
different Ethnicity >from FTDNA. They assured me they use different SNP's and
this could account for the difference. However all the other results are
nearly the same as FTDNA. I deleted the upload and reuploaded and the
result was the same.

Please explain the difference in this result.

FTDNA ---Ethnicity was Jewish Diaspora 92% No Sephardi. Eastern Europe <2%
European 4% Scandinavian < 1% Middle Eastern 5%

My Heritage---Ashkenazi 76.6% Sephardi 3.8% Italian 19.6%

Arlene Beare UK

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