DNA Research #DNA Re: Ethnicity analysis discrepancy #dna


Last I heard, FTDNA believed that determining Sephardic vs. Ashkenazi
at the DNA level is very difficult to do with any real level of
confidence, so they're calling all genetically "Jewish" DNA "Jewish

As for the "Italian" findings, it just sounds like the two groups have
different reference populations. FTDNA identifies that group as
"Jewish Diaspora," while My Heritage says that it's Italian. It could
very well be both Jewish and Italian. You can't really tell without
getting more detailed information about their reference groups.

All of these findings are subject to change anyway. This is still a
young science. We're still learning how different populations overlap
genetically. The could both be wrong... or they could both be right.
One thing's for certain, the ethnic groups FTDNA has assigned to my
kits has shifted over the years. There's a good chance that it will
continue to shift in the years to come as more people are tested and
the algorithms are refined.

Mindie Kaplan
Baltimore, Maryland

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