DNA Research #DNA November 8: Jewish Genetics/DNA program at the Center for Jewish History in New York #dna

Moriah Amit

Please join us for the following program, presented by the Ackman & Ziff
Family Genealogy Institute, Columbia University's Data Science Institute,
and Root (rootdeep.com).

Family History Today: What's New in Jewish Genetics?
Date: November 8, 6:30 PM
Place: Center for Jewish History, 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011
Description: Reading DNA continues to sharpen our view of Jewish history,
health, and identity. Join computational geneticist Itsik Pe'er (Columbia
University) and moderator Nathan Pearson (rootdeep.com) to explore what
our genomes say today ... and may reveal in the future.
Tickets: Free; reservations required at bpt.me/3659366

Moriah Amit, New York

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