DNA Research #DNA Re: Sephardic or Ashkenazi? #dna

Martin Davis (com)

Yohanan Loeffler wrote: why the Sephardic ancestors do not show in the
Family finder origin. Is there a better test to pick up the Sephardic
origin. Or - is the family tree known to us - is wrong?

Your family tree may be speculative but now that you have got this far
it's definitely worth more research. The FTDNA myOrigins 2 was released
last year (read
It was the first time that FTDNA had included 'Sephardi' within its
calculator and it hit the spot for some but definitely not all! A classic
problem is that in many cases FTDNA designation does not correctly
disambiguate Ashkenazi >from Sephardi and appears to provide contradictory
indicators to its own Family Finder results. So, for instance, a kit may
be described in the myOrigins result as 100% Ashkenazi and yet the Family
Finder identifies many kits (and chromosome segments) which are clearly
of Iberian or Sephardi origin. In that context it may be better (and
definitely a cheaper option than retesting with another commercial company)
to simply start reviewing the Family Finder matches for Sephardi linked
kits. Another option would be to take up a membership in one of the online
genealogy sites (Ancestry, myHeritage etc) and transfer you raw data to
them and then use their tools to compare.

Martin Davis
London (UK)

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