Help us support JewishGen! #france

Rosanne D. Leeson <leeson1@...>

Dear FrenchSig Members:

JewishGen needs everyone's help! As you may be aware, JewishGen has
grown exponentially in the past few years so that it is now a major
international institution. As such an institution, JewishGen can no
longer afford to be solely a "volunteer" organization. Warren Blatt and
Michael Tobias, the software geniuses, who keep JewishGen up and
running, have full time jobs. Michael even has a wife and two daughters!
Susan King, founder of JewishGen, needs full time support if JewishGen
is to continue to grow. It costs money to store the records and web
sites of the SIGs. All of this was made clear to those of us at the
Toronto Conference and we responded generously. No one wants to see JewishGen
charge fees like; however, there
is no longer a free lunch. Therefore, we are appealing for your help.
We are asking you, individually, to pledge what you can NOW!!! Go to and make
your pledge. We need to keep JewishGen going and we each need to
pay our way!

Many thanks for your continued support!

Rosanne Leeson & Pierre Hahn
Co-Coordinators, FrenchSIG

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