DNA Research #DNA RE: DNA match to me but not my parents #dna

Sarah L Meyer

It is also possible, especially with a small block that you got 1/2 of the
matching block >from your mother and the other 1/2 >from your father making it
a false match, your match's match with your parents might not even show up
at FTDNA, which reports matches down to the 1 cM level (but does require a
min of 20 cMs with a longest block of at least 7). There is a lot of
discussion on the Jewish and General DNA groups on Facebook about how these
small segments generally indicate Identical by State (IBS) instead of
Identical by Descent (IBD) and all matches under 7 should be ignored.
Furthermore, in order to have much luck in finding out how you are related,
you really need at least two large segments - the larger over 30 and the
smaller over 10. Good luck to you.
Sarah L Meyer Christiansen
Georgetown, TX

From: Lynn Pollak Golumbic <lynnpollak@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2018 16:57:39 +0200

During the last year my parents (who are 3rd cousins) and I did the
autosomal family finder test on FTDNA. One surprise was that a very
good friend and neighbor with whom I thought I had no family
relationship came up as a 5th or remote cousin on my test, with 116
Shared Cm and a longest block of 9.
He did not show up on either of my parents' tests. Can someone explain
why? I am not adopted, I show up as a daughter of each of my parents.

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