DNA Research #DNA Re: Question re DNA: 3% Jewish Heritage #dna

Arline and Sidney Sachs

Meg Forster,

Since you and your mother both test with Family Tree DNA, if you compare
your common matches, I am sure they will be a few that are listed closer
to you then to your mother. This is because for each SNP location tested,
we all have two values, one >from each of our parents. The company can not
tell which came >from whom, so if one of someone two values match someone
else one of two values, they claimed a match. Because of this, siblings
instead of having a little over 50% matching to each other had over 75%
chances of matching. (The reason for a "little over" is one parent may
have both of their the same value and therefore all of their children will
have the match.) With the other SNP value you could match someone else
that is no related to your other match person on that same SNP location.
That is the reason some of your matches will be closer to you than to your
mother. Another reason is a given mutation is not unique. It could
happened a number of times which increase the percentage of matches.

You asked 'Based on this DNA analysis, do you think there is a possibility
that I actually have "Jewish Ancestry"?'. My answer is it impossible to
tell. However, because of population growth and going back a number of
generations, by chance alone every European is related to all other
European! If you go back additional generations, everyone is related to
everyone else. Among Ashkenazi Jews, I will estimate that they all are
5th cousin or closer to all the others.

Sidney Sachs
Lorton, Virginia USA

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