DNA Research #DNA Question on Ashkenazi admixtures #dna

richard may

Dear community,

On chromosome number 4, according to 23andMe, between six and eight
generations ago I have .2% subSaharan African ancestry, specifically
from West Africa: Senegal and Gambia.
In the chromosomal diagram this is indicated in red on the lower
chromosome, depicted at the point where the chromosome is indicated as
two joined pieces. On both sides of this red division point there are
much longer pieces of Ashkenazi DNA indicated with the color green.
On the other upper diagrammed chromosome piece the DNA is indicated by
the color blue to be entirely British and Irish.

Does the presence of larger pieces of Ashkenazi DNA on both sides of
the piece of subSaharan African DNA at the division point of the
diagram imply that I probably had an ancestor who was genetically half
Ashkenazi and half subSaharan African, perhaps fathered by a Jewish

Thank you for your kind erudite help!

Richard May,
North Carolina, U.S.A.

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