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Marilyn Gelber

Marilyn Gelber <marilyn.gelber@gmail.com>

I have a related question. My second cousin and I share a longest
segment of 106.5 cM's. His maternal grandmother and my paternal
grandmother were sisters, but this is not X-DNA. (The total number of
our shared cM's is 310.6)

If I understand correctly, there were six chances of recombination
between the great-grandparent generation and our generation. (If my
understanding is incorrect, I would very much appreciate it if someone
would enlighten me.)

I have two questions, given my lack of expertise:

What is the statistical likelihood of a run of 106cM's remaining
intact in 6 chances of recombination? It seems to me that it would be
rather low.

Are some strands of DNA less subject to recombination than others?

Thanks very much to whoever might have an answer to these questions.

Marilyn G. Gelber, Ph.D.

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