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David Ellis

David Goldman <lugman@verizon.net> writes:

Although my basic DNA report on FTDNA and Ancestry record being 100%
Ashkenazi, this appears different according to the reports appearing in Ged
Match using Admixture Heritage, the project Eurogenes through JTest and
Eurogenes 13.
I don't understand this. But maybe the experts can explain it to us in
layman's languages.


FTDNA and Ancestry DNA maintain reference groups of people who identify as
Ashkenazi Jewish (AJ) across all their ancestral branches. Because of our
endogamy, we cluster pretty closely, and this is picked up directly in their
ethnicity reports. FTDNA reports me as 90% AJ, while Ancestry has me as 99%

The Eurogenes project doesn't show AJ as a segment of their ethnicity pie
charts. The slices appear to reflect a time period prior to the formation
of Ashkenazi Jewry, when our ancestors were living in places categorized as
Italian, Near Eastern, East Mediterranean and Iberian. I've looked at the
results for a number of Ashkenazi Jews in the Eurogenes K36 model, and the
results all seem to be similar. The mix changes significantly for people
who are non-Jewish and even for people with one Jewish parent and one
non-Jewish parent. So our clustering is reflected in the GEDmatch ethnicity
results, but in a much less obvious way than with the other DNA services.

David J Ellis
Natick, MA 01760

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