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Mary Henderson


Y-12, Y-25, Y-37, Y-67 and Y-111 stand for Y, for Y DNA, and then the
number of markers tested. The higher the number of markers that are
tested, the more expensive the test is.

This notation will be used to show to what level/how many markers, a
person has tested. And it will also be used to show at what level
they are a match to others.

At the top of your Y DNA matches list in FTDNA, there is a dropdown
box where you choose the number of markers for which you want to view
your list of matches, but only up to the level that you tested - so if
you tested at the Y-67 level, you can only choose Y-12, Y-37 and Y-67.

When you have chosen the level/number of markers at which you want to
view your matches, you will see a list of people that match you at the
level you chose. In the list of each of the names of your Y DNA
matches, it will be reflected to what level the match tested - Y-12,
Y-37, Y-67, etc. If you have only tested to the Y-67 level and are
looking at your Y-67 matches, and you have a match that shows they
have tested at the Y-111 level, it means that they are a match to you
at the Y-67 level, they have tested 111 markers, and they may, or may
not, be a match to you at the Y-111 level.

Mary Henderson
Genetic Genealogy Research, LLC

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