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Deportations >from France during the Holocaust
Many of us occasionally key our surname into a major search engine like
Google in the hope of getting interesting hits. Last week, using Google,
I stumbled onto a site that lists more than 19,400 persons, mostly Jews,
who were deported to their deaths >from France during World War II.

The list was compiled by Daniel Carouge >from official French government
lists that have been published on the Internet at

At that site, click "Le Journal officiel" Then use the search
engine (Recherche par des mots). Enter the key words
"mort en deportation" and click "Valider". It will identify 91
documents; each contain names of deported people including their date
and place of birth as well as probable date and place of death.

Carouge has combined these lists into a single database and organized
the list in two sequences: according to place of birth and
The links to the two lists are at

The list by place of birth (Liste des morts en deportation dans le
J.O. de 1991 a 2001 par pays ou departement) is incomplete.
The alphabetical list (Liste des morts en deportation dans le
J.O. de 1991 a 2001 par ordre alphabetique) is complete.

The usual source of the names of Jews deported >from France is the book
"Memorial to the Jews Deported >from France (1942-1944)," by Serge
Klarsfeld. It identifies more than 80,000 Jews transported on
70 train convoys, mostly to their deaths at Auschwitz. The book
is organized by date of deportation; therefore, to find an individual,
it is necessary to go through the 70 lists. Avotaynu publishes on
microfiche an alphabetical index to the surnames in the book identifying
which convoys have which surnames.

Information about the microfiche can be found at: under the Holocaust category. A more
detailed description of the Klarsfeld book can be found at

The lists above contain names not found in Klarsfeld.
Rosanne Leeson
Los Altos, CA USA

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