DNA Research #DNA Re: Which DNA test? #dna

Michael Good

Hi Arnold,

As Daniel mentioned, you definitely want to do an autosomal test to
start. At Family Tree DNA, that would be the Family Finder test. The
MTDNA test has very limited use in Jewish genealogy.

Please note that you can use swabs to create a sample for a spit test
like Ancestry or 23andMe. Follow the instructions in this "How to do
an AncestryDNA test *without* spit" article at:


I did this for a family member who can't spit enough for a test, and
her Ancestry.DNA test has worked great.

Ancestry has the largest autosomal DNA database and the best
relationship estimates for Jewish ancestry. So if possible - if you're
willing to do the artificial spit test, and Ancestry sells to your
country - it's best to test at Ancestry and then do a free transfer to
Family Tree DNA and MyHeritage. If that's not feasible, though, go
ahead with the Family Finder test.

Good luck in your research!

Best regards,

Michael Good
Los Altos, California, USA

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