DNA Research #DNA Conceptual Guidance On Y111 YDNA Haplogroup Interpretation #dna

Adam Cherson

Dear Genetic Genealogists,

I would like to ask the actual geneticists about something I am
encountering in my live research with the J-S12192 set of sub-branches.

In order to help explain this I have made available an image of the
current FTDNA haplotree for this region:


On the chart I've highlighted my family's yDNA group in gray and the
other groups in yellow.

As shown there, our family is matching persons in haplogroups from
sister branches as closely, or sometimes even more closely, than persons
in our own haplogroup.

I have two questions relating to the tree shown:

1) what could it mean that there are such close Y111 distances between
persons in haplogroups across sister branches?

2) what could it mean the there is such a large gap of time between the
estimated formation of J-S12192 circa 210 CE and the formation of
J-ZS2375 circa 1080 CE, followed by the rapid fire formation of so many
sub-groups of J-ZS2375?

I look forward to hearing some guidance.

Please feel free to contact me for additional details if needed.

Adam Cherson

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