DNA Research #DNA How close could this DNA match be? #dna


I recently uploaded my wife's uncle's Family Finder DNA results to
MyHeritage and soon noticed a very significant match of Shared DNA of a
10.3% (731.6 cM) with longest segment of 111.6 cM!
The estimated relationship was first cousin or great niece.

When I got more information about the matching woman, I found out that
unfortunately she has meanwhile passed away
and that there is not much family information available.
It is obvious that she was not first cousin, very unlikely first cousin once
removed or second cousin
(only if there was a "Foyle Shtik" - monkey business - in her family),
possibly second cousin once removed, and more likely a 3rd cousins or
further relationship.
I'm obviously trying to find more information about her family tree, but
meanwhile I wonder,
isn't the match statistically too high for a 3rd cousin
and I should explore the option that it *must* be a closer relationship?

Yohanan Loeffler
Melbourne Australia

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