Early American SIG #USA Morris CROHN #usa


The above was born sometime prior to 1820 in Szamocin, Posen Provence or
Germany. H e was married to Ernestine WOLFE and by 1848 he had three small
children; Theodore, Marcus, and Lena. In 1848 he went to the U.S. and never
carried out his promise to send for his wife and children. However, she
being resourceful managed in about 1858 to reach the U.S. with her children
thanks to the help of a CROWN relative in Manchester, England. According
to family legend he went West to California where he lived until the 1880s
when he found his son Marcus, who at the time was living in Palestine TX.
He went to live with him. When Marcus returned to N.Y.C in the 1890s,
Morris moved with him. I do not have a date of death but probably in the
1890s or early 1900s. He is probably buried at Union Fields Cemetery in
Brooklyn. It possibly could be in the section of Kehillat Jeshurun

Family lore says that at one time the graves were found, but the lettering
was very weather beaten. Since I do not have access to State or National
censuses would someone please help me try to find some record of him?
Without a date of death, I cannot request a death certificate where I would
find names of parents, date of birth, etc. Where would I find the old
records of Union Fields cemetery? Sorry that I cannot supply more

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