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I have reached dead ends on several ancestors, where they (or their parents) came >from and when.

SUMMIT, Mississippi:
Solomon HYMAN, immigrant >from Russia? Poland?ca. 1850.
Pauline LICHTENSTEIN, immigrant >from Poland? ca. 1855, married Solomon.

Sol's brother Samuel also there. Pauline had several other Lichtensteins.

BROOKHAVEN, Mississippi
Clara PFEIF(F)ER. I believe her father immigrated ca. 1850. She married Eugene Hyman >from Summit ca. 1880.

WOODVILLE, Mississippi
Edward JOSEPH >from BORDUN, Prussia (now Poland), immigrated ca. 1850
Frances HART (and several other HARTs incl. Isaac and Julia) b. 1830s in Kingston, Jamaica, BWI, immigrated ca. 1840-50
Martin ROTHSCHILD (I have plenty of info on him, but more can only help)

Thank You!

Rob Lederer

Searching for:

Bohemia and US:
LEDERER and WEISSKOPF in Blovice (Blowitz) or around Pilsen, also Gablonz, and New York (and much of USA)
KOHN, BRETH, ROSENBAUM in Golcuv Jenikov (Goltsch Yenikau) or Prague
STRAS, STRASS, STRASSER, STRAUSS, POPPER, KOHN, HELLER, PFEFFERKORN, FISCHER, STEINHARDT in or around Arnoltov (Arnitzgruen), Schoenlind (Krasna Lipa), Kirsch(en)birk, Cheb (Eger), Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad), and Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and NY

Germany and US:
GANS, NEY, GREIF(F) in or around Langenschwarz or Burghaun in Upper Franconia, and New York
PRETZFELD(ER), MORGENROTH, EHRENBACH(ER) in or around Burgkunstadt and PA and NY
ROTHSCHILD, WEIL, FRANK, AUERBACH(ER) in or around Nordstetten or Muehringen (near Horb) and Mississippi
HOFHEIMER, SCHIELE, LEVY OR LEVI in or around Fellheim (or Memmingen?) or Marmoutier (Maursmunster) in Alsace (SCHIELE), and Missouri and Cincinnatti
STRASSBURGER, GREIF in Wuerttemberg and NY
HYMAN in "Weilga" (Vel'gia?), Russia? and Mississippi
LICHTENSTEIN in Poland? and Mississippi
JOSEPH in Bordun, Posen and Mississippi
PFEIFER in ? and Mississippi
WOLFERMAN >from Kassel (specifically?) and Missouri

Jamaica and US
HART >from Kingston, BWI and Mississippi

SCHOENSTEIN >from Budapest and New York

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