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Hi everyone-
I'm very happy this list exists-
I live in southwestern West Virginia, and have been researching my
family's genealogy for 20 years. Lately, I've discovered many "clues" that
my famil/y/(ies) had Jewish roots.
My family (Baldwin) and others they married settled not too far >from
Cincinnati, where many Jews settled after coming to America, I've learned.
I've also learned that many Jews settled in the Ohio Valley.
I've also been attending Jewish adult classes at the local temple, and
attending services. Almost everything I've leaned about Judaism, it's seems
I knew it before. Religious practices may change, but traditions carried on
in the household do not.
My grandfather Baldwin was a methodist minister, for example, but I was
never raised on Scriptures, which would be the norm if my family was
completely Christian. I've read some things >from teh Talmud, and those are
the philospohies and commentaries I was "raised on." Anyone else find that
to be true?
At the Jewish Gen page, I've done D-M Soundex searches for many family
names, and have have numerous hits for each one.
I'm directly descended >from six known American Revolutionary War
Soldiers, and in every family relatives fought for the North during the
Civil War. And plus the arranged marriages...Too much synchronization (sp?)
to be ignored-
I have many things to discuss, and ideas-can't wait to share with others-


Becky Baldwin


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