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RE: Mohel Records =

I read an e-mail yesterday >from Joseph Fibel re. Mohel records. =

Unfortunately, I deleted the e-mail, and then later decided I needed to

The jist of the moderator's not was that Jewishgen is not seeking mohel
records out of deference to the Leo Baeck Institute who is in the process=

of putting together some kind of database.

I know when I proposed the Rodeph Shalom Database, the Gersig moderator
made a comment about checking with Karen Franklin at LBI to make sure tha=
this kind of database wasn't already out there. I have communicated with=

Karen quite a few times in the past, so I did give Karen a call and she w=
most encouraging. She even made a statement that she would also like to
know if Kenneseth Israel (in Philadelphia) had similar records and she
wanted to know if I was planning to record these as well. (No, I have no
such plans... at least at this time.)

Now I can see that LBI probably has a lot of records >from Germany, but I
wouldn't expect them to be a repository for US mohel records. I don't se=
any reason why Jewishgen wouldn't be thrilled to have on-line information=

from any of the old US Congregations. =

I also know that mohel records were published by Generations, the
Baltimore Jewish Genealogy Publication. (Fall 1989 and Summer 1991) =

Presently, this information isn't on-line and I think it might be
worthwhile to check and see if they have such plans. =

Anyway, I was not aware until yesterday that Jewishgen is staying away fr=
mohel records in deference to the LBI. However, I think we maybe need to=

clarify just which records are in the LBI collection. There must be man=
US congregations with such records. Perhaps the AJA would be the best
place to check. (That is who sent me all of my information and has been
very supportive.)

Janet Billstein Akaha
Salinas, CA =

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