Early American SIG #USA CROHN/CROWN Families from Szamocin, Prussia #usa


The CROHN and the CROWN families were related, but their names were spelled
differently in the United States and GreatBritain. I suspect that there
might have also been KROHN relatives.

Morris CROHN, son of Meyer CROHN arrived in the United States in the late
1840s and apparently went on the Gold Rush. Theodore CROWN (born 1829)
arrived in Manchester, England prior to 1856 where his first daughter was
born. Morris CROHN's son was named Theodore so there is a thread of common
names. Also Morris CROHN's wife, Ernestine, stayed in Manchester with her
cousins, the CROWNs, on her way to the States with her three children in
the 1850s.

Szamocin, in Posen Provence, is now part of Poland and is probably under the
Polish SIG though I have never found reference to Szamocin in the e-mails.

I need help and advice on how I can trace the Crohn/Crown roots further back
until I find at least the common relative. Thanks in advance, Eliezer
Kroll, Israel.

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