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Rachel <rahel_ia@...>

I would like to post a massege to the earlyamerican group, mybe i'll find
my lost family, which immigrate to America around 1880.

as far as i know, they went >from Uman, Zhytomir, Ukraine.
the name are: Hannha, Yente, Liebe and more but i don't know the names.
their brother Moshe, is only one that immigrate to Israel.
Moshe Rachman married Brane, ( her surname was Rill) they had 7 children.

one of the family named Abraham were a soldier in the WW1. (as i know)
some of the Rachmans' changed their name to Richman or Richmond, or

If there is anyone to have any idea about, please write me.
Thank you very much,

Rachel Rahel_ia@bezeqint.net

MODERATOR NOTE: This message is not appropriate for this list since
it is not about persons who came to the USA prior to 1850. Please
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