Early American SIG #USA DAUST family from St. Louis, Mo.; seeking descendants #usa

Martin Fischer

My great-grandfather's brother, Adolf DAUST, whose name was originally DAUS,
was born in about 1856, probably in Wongrowitz, Posen, Prussia (today:
Wagrowiec, Pila, Poland).

Adolf DAUST lived in St. Louis, Mo., >from 1883 through 1906, after which he
is believed to have returned to his homeland of Germany and lived in Berlin,
where he was the second president of the Wongrowitzer Landmanschaften.

During his time in St. Louis, Adolf married Henriette SACHS in St. Louis in
1884. They had two daughters, Mollie, born in about 1885, and Fannie, born
in about 1888.

For their first few years in St. Louis, Adolf had a store selling notions,
then he shifted to specializing in selling hats (in partnership with a man
named Theodore Marglous). (Adolf's brother, my great-grandfather Salo DAUST,
first appeared in St. Louis in 1895 as a dry goods store owner.)

By 1904, Adolph had move up in the world as he became the vice president of
the Washington National Bank in St. Louis, a position he held until 1905.

In that year, according to a ship's manifest on the Ellis Island
Foundation's database, Adolf and his wife and daughters returned >from a
visit to Europe. Adolf is listed as a U.S. citizen and "retired merchant"
whose "last permanent residence" is listed as Wongrowitz and whose "final
destination" is St. Louis, Mo.

If in 1906 he returned to Germany for good, I would like to find out if
anyone knows what became of his two daughters and whether they have any
living descendants. Did they go with him and his wife back to Germany or did
they stay in St. Louis or elsewhere in the U.S.? Mollie DAUST would have
been age 21 in 1906 and Fannie DAUST would have been age 18.

Martin Fischer Oak Park, Illinois

Surnames researching in St. Louis include: FISCHER, DAUST, GELHORN, KOBER,
ROMANSKY, SLUPSKY, WEISSKOPF The Fischer and Levin family history Web site is at:

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