Early American SIG #USA Another milestone! Another thank you! #usa

Susan E. King <susan.king@...>

As many of you are aware, the "behind the scenes" team has been working
tirelessly (and endlessly) to implement our Central User Registration
Environment (CURE) and fine-tuning all the elements in this huge project.
CURE will enable us to better manage all our back office systems and ensure
integration of all JewishGen programs and projects into one central system.

Would you believe that we are fast approaching the 100,000 mark in user
registrations to JewishGen? An awesome number for a community that started
with slightly more than 100 people and one computer just 18 short years ago!
Now, to enable us to meet the user demand we are running 10 servers in a 24/7
secure co-location facility. It truly boggles the mind!

As busy as we have been behind the scenes, I wanted to take a moment to thank
all the many hundreds of our world wide volunteers who have contributed so
greatly to making JewishGen a vital community and recognized leader in the
field of Jewish genealogy.

We applaud their efforts and their dedication and commitment to this
organization. To those who have blessed us with their financial support
over the years, please know we are ever so grateful! We could not have gotten
where we are today without you.

My personal thanks go out to all the JewishGen Vice Presidents, the SIG
Leaders and the JewishGen Board for their significant contributions,
commitment and dedication to the missions and goals of this organization.
With your help we have achieved yet another milestone in our development. We
look forward to using our new tools to create the building blocks for an even
greater and more efficient JewishGen in the months and years to come.

Susan King, President, JewishGen

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