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The Center for Jewish History Genealogy Institute
Fall 2004 Workshop Schedule

Introduction to Jewish Genealogy
11:00 am - 12:30 pm
October 12
November 11
December 8

A one-hour presentation covers general principles and procedures of
family history research, with ample time allowed for questions and answers.
Beginning steps include oral history, "family archives" containing treasured
photographs and documents, and selected Internet sites. Most information,
however, must still be gleaned >from source documents such as the US census,
immigration and naturalization papers, vital records, cemetery and funeral home
records, newspapers, city directories, and telephone books. Special topics to
consider while searching for relatives include the origins of Jewish surnames,
language and spelling variations, the accuracy and completeness of records, and
the historical context in which various records were created and used.

LIMITED ENROLLMENT -- Pre-registration recommended

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