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Dear List,
I need some advice on my LANDAUER line. I have been working on this
line for several years and was able to trace my line >from Canton,
Fulton Co., Illinois, USA, to the town of Gerabronn, Wurtemburg,
Germany, but recently a great aunt says that her father told her the
family was >from Alsace Lorraine! My mother in law said the same thing
but all the information I have been able to find says Gerabronn.

For example:

My husband's gggrandfather, Moses LANDAUER, emigrated, he says in the
federal census, in 1854. The Moses LANDAUER that lived in Gerabronn
filled out his Wurtemburg Emigration papers in 1853, which means that
an emigration date of 1854 would fit nicely. I have Moses' signature
from the WEI papers, which match his signature on paperwork for his
second marriage in Illinois. The Illinois Moses' birthday is Nov 1836
and the Moses that lived in Gerabronn's birthday is 15 Nov 1836. It
all seems to match so well!!

The Jewish family register in Stutgart says that the Jewish LANDAUER
family lived in Gerabronn for generations and gives the names and dates
for my ancestors back to 1743.

What can I say to my 78 year old great aunt? Was Alsace Loraine ever
part of Wurtemberg? Years ago I met a LANDAUER researcher that also
said his LANDAUER gggrandmother was >from France. Except for that, she
would be a perfect match for being a sister to the Gerabronn MOSES. I
have briefly looked into Alsace Loraine, but haven't found where it was
THAT close to Gerabronn. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Richard & Judy Landauer geniegal@... AIM: judylandauer

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