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Dear Bonnie Birns,
This would be a hard issue to do research in person. It would depend on
the co-operation of the person you would talk at the window and what
day. I would try a number of times to talk to different people in the
TOWN HALL nearest to where he resided initially and nearest the State Hospital.

It sounds like he died intestate or without a will so his first wife is
challenging 'promises' that where made to the second wife in what is
called a Probate Court Case. Most likely they would have a record of
Probate Court Cases listed in a Card Catalog and perhaps stored on
microfilm. Perhaps it would be stored under the surname of Sandman vs.
Sandman or something like that in the year 1890.

Most likely the records are no longer stored at the town hall but a
knowledgeable person could direct you to a Building that would store
such records. Eventually if a record of the court case exists someone
who knows where it would be stored will guide you in the right
direction. Don't give up. Old records take time to be found and
sometimes it is just luck to find the right person who would have
knowledge about old records. I think it is better if the search is done
in person rather than by phone. I hope this helps. Sincerely,

Margaret King Waltham, MA


Date: Wed, 4 May 2005 14:38:02 -0700 (PDT)
Michael SANDMAN, born in Prussia around 1820, came to
the United States about 1850. He had a clothing store
in Glen Cove, Long Island, NY. (Town of Oyster Bay,
first in Queens County, then in Nassau County)

Abstracted >from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle:
10/14/1890 p.1 M. Sandman, having been pronounced
insane, will be taken to the state hospital at

12/21/1890 p.14 Michael Sandman, Glen Cove, died in
the asylum at Middleton, October last leaving estate
valued at $10,000. First wife had 3 children Morris,
Henry, Nancy Sandman. Second wife had 5 children, all
living. Left all real estate to widow, children from
first marriage contesting.

My questions are:
1) Where would Michael SANDMAN likely be buried?
Would he be left at the asylum in Middletown, or would
a wealthy man be brought home to be buried on Long Island?

2) Should there be court documents regarding the
contested will somewhere on Long Island? What would
be the most likely location to find them?

Thank you for your help. Bonnie Birns Jericho, Long Island, NY

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