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Ken Robinson <kenrob39@...>

Thank you, Sally, for your response.

My names were >from "The Grandees, America's Sephardic Elite" p. 56 by
Stephen Birmingham.

"Many records of America's first Jewish community are lost or incomplete and
are complicated by Marrano aliases. But >from what can be pieced together
about them, it seems probable that the twenty-three consisted of six family
heads--four men (with their wives) and two other women who in all likelihood
were widows, since they were counted separately--and thirteen young people.
The heads of these families were Asser Levy, Abraham Israel De Piza (or
Dias), David Israel Faro, Mose Lumbroso, and--the two women--Judith (or
Judica) Mercado (or De Mercado, or De Mereda) and Ricke (or Rachel) Nunes."

I quite understand that many people picked up and moved to various ports and
traveled between the Caribbean ports controlled by the Dutch West Indies
Company and Amsterdam, Netherlands, etc. as trading opportunities afforded

I understand that of these six named above, only Asser Levy stayed until his
death in 1682.

I have an ancestor, Solomon Israel (1710-1795). He married 1734 in
Hempstead, Nassau Co., NY. How do I connect him to his parents? The
Israels in Malcolm Stern's book are even more recent than my Solomon.

I assumed that Early American doesn't come much earlier than 1710 (or 1654).
And "Israel" as a surname is about as common as Smith or Jones.

Does anyone have a suggestion of where else to look?

Ken Robinson San Diego (nowhere near NYC)

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