Early American SIG #USA Options Using Morses's Boston Listings #usa

Paul King <samorai@...>

I am seeking a clarification regarding the several Stephen Morse options for
tracing immigrants who may have arrived at the port of Boston in mid-19th c.
Given the following data:

1) first and last name of arrival (with alternative spellings and name
2) exact date and place of birth;
3) highest degree of certainty regarding year of departure;
4) educated guess of port of departure

Am I confined to tracing the individual through payment to the commercial
site for access to information or can I, given the above data, employ the
one-step process without using the services of the commercial site?

Moderator. Please advise whether responses should be sent privately.
MODERATOR REPLY - Replies can be sent to the GerSIG list but for better results
you should post this inquiry to the JGDG (JewishGen Discussion Group).

Paul King Jerusalem <samorai@012.net.il>

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