Early American SIG #USA Portland and Maine Jewish records #usa

Joyce Field

I hope that Harris Gleckman, who wrote the other day about Portland
Jewish records, knows about JOWBR, JewishGen's Obnline Worldwide
Burial Registry, and would consider donating Portland's and Maine's
burial records to this searchable database. Unfortunately, the
Moderator for Earlyamerican SIG did not call attention to this
important JewishGen site with Mr. Gleckman's posting.

For the information of all Earlyamerican SIG Digest subscribers,
JOWBR can be searched at:

To submit burial records of a town or a landsmanschaft, see


A quarterly update of new records will be online soon. We have
recently received burial records of:

Anshel Sphard Congregation, Memphis, TN. The group submitting these burial
records, Mid-South Memphis Jewish Historical Society, will be indexing additional
burials >from Memphis as well as records >from other communities in
Tennessee, Arkansas, and rural Mississippi. Bravo to this group!!

We are eager to receive burial records >from other American
communities. To see those that are already online, click on:


and scroll down to USA. Click on "country" and a menu of burials by
state will appear. Click on "Region" and you will get the breakdown
by cities in the state. Currently, there are about a quarter million
burials in the USA in this database. Obviously, we are just touching
the surface*. Help us grow this important genealogical resource by
donating your town's Jewish burial records.

Joyce Field, JewishGen VP, Data Acquisition jfield@jewishgen.org

* did you mean subsurface ? This is a burial registry, after all. MOD

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