Early American SIG #USA Hotels nearer and cheaper at the NY conference #usa


To all Yankee Doodle genealogists coming to NY for the conference.

It seems that all the rooms at the Marriot Marquis are sold out and that the
overflow is going to be nearly a half a mile away.

If anyone is interested in finding a closer hotel, and one that is less
expensive, please let me know. I'm a frugal New Yorker who will try and find
one that may be less luxurious, but clean and nearer while saving some money.

I'll be checking out the area soon.

Please let me know directly at RecordsAccess@aol.com if you are interested
and I'll get back directly to you with details within the next 2 weeks.

Meanwhile, hope you had a happy and healthy Passover.

Marvin Weinberg Yonkers NY Coordinator, Early American Sig

MODERATOR NOTE: There are still may rooms available at the Marriott hotel
but not at the special Conference discount rate.

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